cycling together for a cleaner environment and to protect the climate, a better quality of live and the promotion of bicycle transport

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Team Rad-Löwen at "Düsseldorfer Stadtradeln"

...what this is about:

during the period of the campaign try to use the bike as much as possible in your everyday life.


Experience how easy it is to protect the environment while doing something good for your health.


With each km that you will cycle you support the team Rad-Löwen and the result of the the municipality of


... what this is not about::

City cycling is not a "bike race" and has no mandatory events.

There are no targets or "minimum km" that have to be cycled.

The bike km are recorded on a trust basis and are not checked.

No additional devices need to be mounted on the bike. A simple speedometer is helpful, but not a "must"

... who can participate:

everyone living or working in Düsseldorf, who is member of a local club or attending a school or univerity in Düsseldorf.
It doesn't matter if you use an e-bike or ride a normal bike, if you cycle during vacation, working hours or leisure time

... when does it start:

starting on the 12th of May 2023 the team Rad-Löwen and the municipality of

Düsseldorf will participate in this initiative. On the 1st
of June this year's campaign will end.

The logging of your results should be done weekly and is possible even one week after the end of the campaign.